Welcome to Queanbeyan Uniting Church

Who are we?

We seek to be a friendly and welcoming church committed to serving God in our community.  We come from diverse cultural and social backgrounds and have diverse theological views and life experiences, but we meet and work together as one church ‘family’.

Through Sunday worship services and Bible studies, we seek to learn more about God, and how we can best live our lives in accordance with God’s will, and we work to share the good news of the Christian faith with others.

We believe that all people are loved by God and we seek to treat everyone with respect and kindness, following Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbour.  We seek to be active in our community, helping where we can and bringing God’s love, peace, joy and hope to a troubled world.

Our church has a 160+ year history of serving the community of Queanbeyan and surrounding districts, seeking to reflect God’s proactive, unconditional and transforming love for all people.