Baptism Promises

Baptism of Your Child

The minister says to the parents:

[Parent(s)], you are here asking that the church baptise your child.

In the light of this request I ask you now:

Do you believe the Good News, announced by Jesus,

that we can turn from the barrenness of evil

and walk in the light of Christ?

Response: We do

The minister says to the parents:

[Parent(s)] I ask you to now respond to God’s graciousness by making these solemn promises:

Response: We will.


The minister then speaks to the supporters (Godparents) – if applicable

Will you, the representatives of the families and friends of [parents] do all you can to support them in the promises they have just made?

Response: We will.

A Thanksgiving Celebration

 The parents are asked:

Do you thankfully receive your child as a gift from God?

With humility and hope will you promise to love and care for her/him?

Response: We do


Do you thankfully pray for your child?

That s/he may welcome life’s beauty, learn from its pain and share in its joys;

That his/her love for others may deepen with knowledge and insight of every kind; and

That s/he may discover what is the breadth and length and height and depth of God’s love.

Response: We do