St Benedicts

St. Benedict’s Community Day Centre

We believe that Food, Safe Shelter and Financial Assistance should be made available to anyone who needs help, without judgement or prejudice. As such, Queanbeyan Uniting Church works in partnership with a number of Queanbeyan churches to support the work of St. Benedict's Community Day Care Centre

What services does St. Benedict’s offer?

St Benedict’s trained, equipped and caring team of staff and volunteers can provide support with the following:

When you come into the Centre the Case Worker will assist you to identify your needs. If you wish, the worker will assist you to draw up a support plan. The support plan identifies how your needs can best be met, and the tasks which need to be undertaken by you and the worker. Referrals to other services may also be discussed with you.

How can I get in touch?

St. Benedict’s is located at 21 Brigalow Street, Karabar, NSW 2620.(on the corner of Anne and Brigalow Streets. The entrance is off Anne Street.)

Food is available at the Centre between 10:00am and 1:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Staff and volunteers are available to assist guests with practical and emotional support, information, and advice, between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, by making an appointment.

Tea and coffee-making facilities are available during opening hours.

Phone: (02) 6297 5331  



Can I volunteer?

Yes. St. Benedict’s is often in need of volunteers, especially to help prepare and serve lunches. Volunteer inquiries should be directed to the Coordinator at the contact details above.

Supporting Bennies

St Benedict’s Community Centre are always looking for donations of basic food items to give away to people in need.

Another donation they really appreciate are Coles and Woolies store vouchers (even in small amounts of $5 & $10). These are wonderful to empower people to be able to do their own shop and have the luxury of choice that the rest of us have.

Specific fuel vouchers are also highly desirable (again small amounts: $5 & $10 are helpful). $20 and $50 are great if people can afford to give more on the odd occasion. Bennies could use more fuel vouchers  so they can help people when they need extra support, eg. get to a funeral out of town etc.

Donations can be dropped directly to St Benedicts, 21 Brigalow St Karabar. Opening hours are 9am-2:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

QUC’s Response - ‘Bennie’s Basket’ Food Pantry

Church Council has decided to re-introduce a food pantry to benefit St Benedict’s, this has now commenced.

Congregation members are invited to bring along a grocery item or two each week to be placed in a basket at the church. Once a month, on communion Sunday, these items will be blessed as part of our offering to the work of God in our community, before being passed on to St Benedict’s.

Bennies has provided the following advice;

UHT milk, CEREAL only Weetbix, cornflakes & Rice bubbles,  tin tuna large or small, Spaghetti and Baked beans, 2 min noodles, Pasta; Spaghetti or Spiral, Baby food or formula.  But DEFINITELY NO tinned beans or lentils. The noticeboard contains more details.

Council sees this as a practical way in which QUC can assist St Benedict’s in its valuable work in our community and encourages those who can do so to participate in this scheme.