QUC Online

QUC Online is our online information management system using Elvanto which is an all-inclusive, cloud-based church management solution.  From here you can access our directory, your rosters, QUC calendar, music library, rostering, and more. You can also update your own details and even add your own profile photo. This is a great assistance to our newer members and to our ministry groups. If you need assistance we can add it for you.

If your details aren't on our database, you can use the QUC Connection Form

 Booking and Calendar

You can now see all the events and bookings in one place including non-QUC bookings. This is useful if you need to make use of some of our facilities. It is also useful if you need to do something at the church such as flowers, grounds or a bit of maintenance so you don't disrupt someone else's activity or event. There are a number of time slots now when our buildings are fully booked. 

QUC Online Tips

Home Page – the first page you see when you login where you can access your rosters, search the directory and more. The directory only shows names, phone numbers, and email addresses. 

Saving your user name and passwords in your computer - If two or more people login from the same computer, saving your user username and password can cause problems – the computer can’t differentiate between you and may try to log you in under the same user name and password (the one that is saved).

 HELP! - If you are having trouble or need new login details contact us.